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OSB Sales(Oriented Strand Board)

OSB Sales | UPL – International Packaging LogisticsOSB (Oriented Strand Board) Sales;
OSB, is an abbreviation formed by the initials of the words Oriented Strand Board or Oriented Structural Board. OSB means “Yönlendirilmiş Yonga levha" in Turkish. OSB, is a High Resistance, Moisture-proof Board.

OSB has attained a place in the construction industry in America, Canada and Bulgaria. Its high cargo handling capacity, with no change in its dimensions and shape depending on the environmental conditions as well as the impressive looks of its neat finishing has made the OSB the ideal wooden material in its use in the construction industry and for decorative purposes.

Areas of use of OSB
1- at the walls,
2- On the roofs to replace the woodwork under the roof tiles,
3- In constructing racks, cupboards, platforms,
4- In floor covering,
5- in interior decoration,
6-In Packaging
7- In the manufacture of cases,
8- In the construction of fair stands and shop windows.


















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