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Dehumidifying Products

Dehumidifying Products  | UPL – International Packaging Logistics

In transportation (Maritime, Road, Railroad) it is triggered by changes in temperature and temperature differences at night and in the morning due to condensed moisture and falls on the products as container rain (condensation).

As a result of a high level of humidity products and packaging materials become seriously damaged before reaching their destinations and result in material losses. 

For example, it causes rust on the metal surfaces as well as technical failures, formation mildew, decay in electronics and machinery, spoilage in food products, to summarize, irreversible material losses as well as loss of prestige. To eliminate these risks, we ensure safe transportation and safe exports conditions with our new generation container dryer packages and dehumidifying packages against all damages.

Principal implementation areas of our dehumidifying products are automotive spare parts, electronic industry, machine and metal industry, military equipments and ammunitions, furniture, glass and food products and protect all products which may be affected by moisture. Our Company provides all services related to dry system packaging.










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