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Plywood Case

Plywood Case | UPL – International Packaging Logistics

Plywood is a panel consisting of wooden layers. Flexible plywood is a light material with very good mechanical resistance.

They are manufactured to have a single number of layers. The external layers are in general parallel to the length of the panel. Layers following each other are glued perpendicularly to each other.

This type of manufacture is a structure that increases the resistance to shock impacts formed by vibrations. Constructions become safer and more efficient with plywood.

It is economic with its numerous uses as well as in several places, in the transport of goods within the country and abroad when products are in bulk or when goods need to be prevented from contacting each other and becoming damaged, it is a wooden packaging material designed in enclosed type supported with separators.

As plywood is an industrial product, it is excluded from the ISMP 15 regulation.













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