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External Protection Units

External Protection Units | UPL – International Packaging LogisticsAIR (BIG) BAG
Due to the respect felt for human beings and for labor nowadays, bulk products can be transported in Big Bags with weights of 2-3 kg able to carry outright cargos of 1000-1500 kilograms instead of packages of 50 kg.

Thus, there is no need to carry tens of bags and wooden pallets of 20-30 kg or P.E. shrink film.

As the packaging of the transported load is only 2-3 kg, it provides economy in transport.

Big Bag presents solutions that respect the environment as well as your budget. Storage and recycling of Big Bag is quite easy and as a consequence more economic.

With their robustness, reliability and ease of use, International Dunnage airbags are a definitive solution for transportation damages. It increases your loading capacity with its flexibility and resistance. Resisting tons of pressure, it facilitates your transportation procedures.





















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