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(PET) Plastic Strap

(PET) Plastic Strap  | UPL – International Packaging Logistics

PET (POLYESTER) straps have been designed especially to ensure very strong (2-5 tons) of resistance and to provide an alternative to steel straps.
They are stainless like steel; they are flexible, light, maybe used in all manual and semi-automatic strap machines.

They are adequate for fully automated machines utilization.
Provides high safety during transportation and loading.
Dangers such as physical injuries do not occur during strapping and untying.

It is a lighter and more economic product compared to the steel strap.
It does not become affected by the heat, cold, moisture and UV rays.
It does not damage, rust, stain, scratch, and wear the products it has been tied to.

If the volume of the goods decreases during transportation, thanks to the elasticity of the strap, it compensates the gap that is formed and immobilizes the product. No slackening or loss of resistance is observed as it occurs in other straps with time. 
They are resistant to damages caused by chemical materials.

With its practicality during strapping; it saves time and labor. 













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