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Aluminum Folio Sales

Aluminum Folio Sales  | UPL – International Packaging Logistics

The Aluminum Barrier is a very special packaging material (2-3-4 layers) designed especially to be used in environments that need to create a barrier especially against moisture.

Thanks to its layered special structure, enabling it to adhere automatically with heat and its impermeability feature against moisture, it is possible to use the Aluminum Barrier in many industrial sectors to ensure full protection for the material.

Aluminum Barrier products, optimized to have PET at the top, Aluminum in the middle and PE(Polyethylene) at the base, are used in the manufacture of Aluminum bags as well as very large Aluminum bags.

As it is known, all polyethylene packaging materials allow the transmittance of air to a certain extent. In cases where materials they carry need to be protected from the smallest damage in the occurrence of moisture and condensation at the extreme ends and where the passage of air into the package from outside is not desired in any way whatsoever, the Aluminum Barrier is the most efficient solution.  













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